The Power of Physiotherapy in Aged Care

The Power of Physiotherapy in Aged Care

June 29, 2023

A partnership with JMV and Guide Healthcare is reaping the benefits, as featured in the June issue of Aged Care Today

Sydney not-for-profit aged care provider, James Milson Village (JMV) has joined forces with Guide Healthcare to empower residents to improve their health and fitness on-site as part of a new physiotherapy program.

Commencing in January this year, the program focuses on supporting residents from both independent living and residential aged care homes to improve their strength, mobility, balance, falls risk and overall physical confidence.

The results of the program so far have already seen an improvement in quality of life and the ability for residents to participate in regular activities. With physiotherapists visiting the sites on an ongoing basis, the team has seen both physical and mental improvements across the board.

“We’re really enjoying working with JMV to improve the outcomes of its residents through our unique physiotherapy program,” said Simon Kerrigan, Founder of Guide Healthcare.

“Our team has enjoyed having access to the on-site gym to broaden the scope of what physiotherapists can offer for residents.

“With a dedicated space and state-of-the-art equipment, we are enjoying getting residents out of their rooms and into group or one-on-one sessions that focus on building strength and mobility.”

The JMV gym features resistance-based machines, as well as a group training area with parallel bars, rehab stairs, a treadmill, free weights, battle ropes and high-tech app-based reactionary games. JMV North Sydney has also acquired quality pneumatic resistance training equipment to support resident’s wellbeing outcomes.

“Pneumatic machines use compressed air to create resistance, making them safer for older adults and those recovering from injuries. It’s an excellent way to counteract the age-related loss of muscle mass, improve strength and convert fat to muscle,” said Simon.

“We are seeing some great outcomes when using these machines as part of our program. We have residents who are recovering from various replacement surgeries and these machines have allowed them to confidently focus on rebuilding strength and balance.

“The use of pneumatic equipment is also proving valuable for general strength training without causing any stress or strain on ageing muscles and joints.”

CEO of James Milson Village, Brad Williams, said the partnership with award-winning Guide Healthcare has been hugely positive with residents raving about the new program.

“It’s been fantastic to have a fresh team of physiotherapists join our village to support residents’ health outcomes. These physiotherapists are dedicated to empowering our residents to move, face challenges, reach goals and have fun at the same time.

“Physiotherapy in aged care is no longer just about pain management, it’s about prevention and training to ensure that our residents can remain active and independent within our village and beyond in our community.

“We want residents to be able to continue their normal activities as they age and reduce the risk of falls or injuries. We love hearing from our residents after their physiotherapy sessions. They have huge smiles on their faces and are excited to reach new goals as part of the program.”

Margaret Martin is part of the residential aged care community at JMV and has been utilising the new physiotherapy program to effectively manage her pain and improve her mobility.

“We have loved hearing about Margaret’s positive outcomes of the program. Through group exercise and our one-on-one physiotherapy program, she is undertaking a mix of balance training, walking, aerobic and resistance training to maintain bone density and improve her strength,” said Brad.

“Since our new physiotherapy program was implemented, we can already see huge improvements in the health and mobility of our residents and it’s been even more beneficial in the social and emotional aspect too, particularly after a few years of COVID-19 restrictions.”

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