JMV Partners with Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter to Provide Housing Aid to Women over 55

JMV Partners with Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter to Provide Housing Aid to Women over 55

October 30, 2023

Leading not-for-profit aged care organisation James Milson Village (JMV) and Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter (NBWS) have solidified their commitment to supporting women over 55 in the community. The partnership, which officially commenced in March 2023, addresses the critical need for affordable housing, stability, and community involvement.

Homelessness often plagues individuals who cannot afford private housing yet are ineligible for community and social housing programs. The JMV and NBWS partnership bridges this gap effectively. By offering low-cost housing through JMV at their North Sydney location, complemented by NBWS’s comprehensive support plans, residents can now find security in their living situations and continue to thrive within their communities. Continuous follow-ups with the new residents ensure their seamless integration and adequate support.

Bradley Williams, CEO of JMV, said “James Milson Village is honoured to partner with Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter to extend housing assistance to those who need it most.”

“Hearing firsthand from the residents that this partnership has been lifesaving for them underscores the immeasurable value of such collaborations,” Mr Williams continued.

The partnership’s remarkable success, which has transitioned from a trial period to an ongoing partnership with a yearly review, can be attributed in large part to the enthusiasm exhibited by all participants involved.

One resident shared, “For the first time in many years, I feel safe in my home. I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people, reminiscent of my younger years. My home is now my sanctuary, and I haven’t felt this happy and fulfilled since my early twenties in college.”

Residents continue to express their excitement about their newfound homes, with one stating, “Now I feel like I’m taking better care of my health and that I’m an integral part of a community.”

NBWS also celebrates the partnership’s success. Robyn, a Support Services Coordinator at NBWS, commended the collaborative efforts, stating, “Working with James Milson Village has been an excellent experience. Effective communication and robust support have been integral to our success.”

Due to shared values and a strong focus on community, NBWS looks forward to the partnership’s longevity, with Robyn stating, “NBWS is eager to continue this partnership and explore more opportunities in the future.”

The partnership stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when organisations with mutual values collaborate to make a difference. Looking ahead, both JMV and NBWS are committed to building upon this success to further enrich the lives of women.