Focus on the Aged Care Industry

Our industry is facing increased scrutiny, which has resulted in a negative focus and several government inquiries at both the State and Federal levels.  At James Milson Village we share the belief that every older person who needs care and support, and their families, should expect the highest standards of care, safety and service, delivered with empathy and professionalism.

We acknowledge there have been some appalling examples of unacceptable failures of care in the industry that have caused great distress to older people and their loved ones, and it is also important to note that the planned Royal Commission will, we believe, play a key role in making Australia’s aged care system better.  There is no greater challenge for the growing number of older Australians and their families, the Australian Government and the age services industry, than the issues related to supporting all older Australians to age well. We operate in a very large system.  There are currently 1.3 million people receiving care services from around 430,000 staff and volunteers around the country.  In a system of that scale there will be examples of failures of care and people having a bad experience, the critical thing is how we respond.

Many of the issues raised do not reflect the passion and professionalism of the overwhelming majority of staff and providers in our industry, and their commitment to continuous improvement.  James Milson Village is committed to openness and transparency in relation to the quality of care we provide.  We believe that we must be accountable and committed to continuous improvement and we welcome ongoing reforms that will make our industry better.

A particular issue that is consistently raised is the nurse to resident ratio when matters of quality of care are raised. James Milson Village’s roster has the flexibility to change with resident acuity and need.  We are able to provide tailored approaches to match the care needs of residents.  We have achieved this by systematically increasing all our staffing levels over the past 18 months and now believe we have the right roster and staff mix to cater for all residents.  In addition, we have a full complement of staff and do not have a need to backfill the roster through agency staff who are not familiar with residents, our systems and processes.  Further we have a comprehensive induction and education program that ensures new staff have time to become familiar with James Milson Village and our longer-term staff the opportunity to maintain their skills to a level that aligns to best practice.

We acknowledge that there are times when we do not get it right, but we can assure you that we treat every concern raised with the utmost sincerity.  We view feedback as a mechanism for improvement and review of our systems and processes.  If at any time you have concerns about the quality of care we deliver, we ask you to bring them immediately to our attention.  Should you require any further information about the current issues or other matters please contact a member of the management team.