As of midnight 23rd March 2020 James Milson Village will be implementing our
second stage of village restrictions.
Closures will include:
● The Gym (membership fees will be waived during this period)
● The Hairdressing Salon
● The Beautician
● Any Group activity including Happy Hour, Card Games, Scrabble etc
Residents are not permitted to move between buildings, unless you have a
relative in care (you then need to follow the protocol already in place). Access
Swipe Cards will have limited access to your own building as of Midnight tonight.
Any Residents that require meals, JMV staff will deliver these for you. Again, you
are not permitted to collect these from the kitchen. (Delivery charges will be
waived during this period).
Any parcels delivered to reception will be sanitized and held at reception until you
contact us to arrange delivery. Deliveries to Camaraigal House will be restricted
to between 3:00pm and 4:30pm only.
Any resident who offers pastoral care to other residents will be required to
guarantee they are self quarantining. If you can not provide this guarantee, you
are not permitted to provide this service to other residents.
We kindly appreciate and thank you for your consideration.
JMV Management