Celebrating 50 Years of Community Excellence with Patron Michael O’Dea

Celebrating 50 Years of Community Excellence with Patron Michael O’Dea

May 30, 2024

James Milson Village (JMV) will celebrate its 50th anniversary on Sunday, June 2. This milestone marks five decades of exceptional care and community building.

On June 2, 1974, the then Governor of NSW officially opened James Milson Village, the largest project of its kind in North Sydney Council’s history and the first retirement village built by a local government in the State. The opening ceremony drew more than 600 people, including dignitaries such as John Howard, the newly elected member for Bennelong.

During the ceremony Michael O’Dea, a pivotal figure in the founding of JMV, outlined the project’s history and expressed gratitude to the community for its generous support, both moral and financial.

In recognition of his enduring commitment and significant role in JMV’s foundation, Michael O’Dea will be the esteemed patron for the 50th anniversary celebration. His involvement in addressing isolation, loneliness, and housing challenges among the ageing community continues to resonate deeply with the values upheld by James Milson Village.

“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Milson Village, I am reminded of the commitment and dedication that brought this community to life. It has been a privilege to witness JMV’s growth over the past five decades, creating a robust and lively community,” said O’Dea.

“Together, we have built a community that values care, connection and dignity, and I am honoured to be part of this enduring legacy,” he concluded.

Looking ahead, JMV will also host a community-wide celebration on Sunday, 22 September, from 12-3pm. This event will include live entertainment, food options and memorabilia display capturing five decades of cherished memories. Local schools, politicians and other distinguished guests will join the festivities, celebrating JMV’s longstanding commitment to excellence.

“This 50th anniversary is not only a celebration of our past achievements but also a testament to the unwavering commitment of our staff, residents, and supporters. At James Milson Village, we have always prioritised the wellbeing and happiness of our community and we look forward to continuing this tradition for many more years,” said JMV’s CEO, Bradley Williams.

“The upcoming festivities are a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on our journey and to express our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of JMV’s story. We are excited to welcome the entire community to join us in celebrating this incredible milestone,” he added.

James Milson Village invites all community members to join the celebration on September 22 and be a part of this historic occasion.